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How to use Panasonic x Future Electronics Gatekeeper Doorbell Board in Patient Monitoring Applications

Join Lazina on this episode of TechVentures and learn how to add IoT to both a doorbell and a patient monitor.

Ever wondered what a doorbell and a patient monitoring device have in common?

They can both be powered by Panasonic Radiofrequency solutions.

Read on or watch the video to find out more.

Future Electronics x Panasonic Gatekeeper Doorbell Development Board

The Gatekeeper Doorbell Development Board is a joint project by both Future Electronics and Panasonic, where the two companies teamed up to develop a reference design that features not one, but five Panasonic components.

As you may already be aware, the Panasonic PIR sensor on this design is used to detect motion. The reason why it is a great choice: A single PIR sensor can cover the whole room and features wide area detection, enabling detection of up to 208 zones, whereas a standard PIR sensor can detect 64 zones.

The Panasonic PAN1781 module is based on nordic’s Bluetooth 5.2 chipset (the nRF52820), which features high throughput of 2 Mbps, long range capability and direction finding. It also supports Bluetooth mesh, Thread and Zigbee protocols.

Demo of the Gatekeeper App by Panasonic

This reference design is fairly simple to use. Simply plug it into an outlet or power it using the coin cell battery.

Panasonic has created an App for this demo, available from either from the Google Play Store for Android devices or from the Apple Store. Type in PAN1781 and you should find the App.

Please note: Make sure you enable Bluetooth and location on your phone.

Panasonic Doorbell board app
Panasonic Doorbell board app
Panasonic Doorbell board app

Even though this board was created with a doorbell application in mind, the PIR sensor can be used to detect the motion of patients if used in a medical application. The idea is that the sensor will go off if someone is walking by.

To indicate you have successfully paired with the Bluetooth module (PAN1781), you will see a blue LED light blinking. Once connected, the blue LED will be stabilized.

There are two modes in the App: The advanced and simplified. In addition to Bluetooth functionality, there are three other features on display:

  • Motion: PIR Sensor – On the App, you will see that motion is flashing red with the word “active.” The green LED blinks in accordance.
  • Latch: It will click when you press the button, which indicates that the door latch is open or closed.
  • Bell icon: This feature imitates a doorbell sound if you click on it. In a medical application, you could easily easily locate them by pressing the bell. Patients can also use the doorbell to signal to hospital administration that they need medical attention. It goes both ways!

With the App, BLE throughput testing is available, where the maximum payload size is set to 4000. There are also different modes of BLE transmission. Standard mode, High Speed, Long Range.

Future Electronics x Panasonic Gatekeeper Development Board

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