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IoT-Based Asset Tracking: A Series of Articles by Future Electronics Experts

For this series, we assembled a panel of our own Future Electronics expert engineers to discuss the many aspects that involve IoT for asset tracking.

To do so, we had to take into account the pieces that make the IoT/Asset tracking puzzle possible. We gathered seasoned experts and specialists from three different areas of Future Electonics’ own engineering teams. On the Wireless side, we had Richard Cartier; as our Analog/Power specialist, we received Paul Schmokel; for all things Sensors, we were joined by John Stih; and as mediator for the panel, we were honored to have Lazina Rahman, IoT expert and host of the Techventures series on YouTube.  

The discussion was prompted by questions that were approached from each one’s own area of expertise, at times prompting new questions and displaying how the areas entangle and interact. 

Out of this sharp discussion, we got several insights into the industry that kickstarted this article series.  

Dive into the series and explore the articles:  

Key components to enable and enhance IoT-Based asset tracking (Coming November 8)
Dive in (coming November 8)
The future of IoT-based asset tracking: new technologies and emerging trends (coming November 15)
Dive in (coming November 15)
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