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The Power of Environmental Sensors

It is now an expectation for connected systems to be intelligent enough to understand the surrounding environment and make decisions on behalf of their users with minimal or no intervention. That has required a great deal of innovation in the environmental sensor space, along with increased accuracy and the ability in our embedded systems to fuse data from multiple sources to get our systems to react in real time.

In this episode, Todd Baker discusses the topic with Dr. Richard Fix, Portfolio and Product Manager at Bosch Sensortec about their sensing solutions and how they can help accelerate the development of innovative IoT applications.

Tune in to get the full scoop on environmental sensing!

Bosch Environmental Sensors

With a wealth of sensors including gas sensors, humidity sensors and pressure sensors, Bosch Sensortec’s portfolio enables seamless integration in applications such as indoor navigation, altitude stabilization, air pressure, ambient temperature, climate control in smart homes, and more. The integration of gas sensing with air quality monitoring is another one of Bosch’s key solutions to improve health and well-being.

Learn more: Bosch Sensortec BME688 Gas Sensor

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