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Upcoming Trends and Opportunities in Wearable Health Tech

This is the second article of the series: Wearable Health and Wellness Tech – Trends, Opportunities, and Considerations for Engineers      

As we approach a new era in tech, we recognize the challenges that have been overcome and mastered in the previous year and embrace the transformative potential of new technologies. Dive into the trends and insights that have been spotted in the industry and get a full picture of the sector from every perspective in this article.  

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Machine Learning in Sensors: Bruce Muff’s Vision 

Integrating Intelligence at the Sensor Level 

The next gen of wearable devices is getting just that much more powerful thanks to a revolutionary trend at the sensor domain. The integration of machine learning and edge processing directly into the sensors themselves makes smart technology smarter. Traditionally, these devices relied on external processing, but with this stage of evolution, sensors are autonomously analyzing and categorizing data, opening endless opportunities. One of the more exciting examples highlighted during this panel was how this integration could be transformative for IMUs (Inertial Measurement Units), opening new avenues for motion analysis and rapid categorization. 

The marriage between machine learning and sensors could mark an important shift in paradigms, allowing devices to not only gather the data, but to start acting intelligently to those insights.  

  • Innovation: Integration of machine learning into sensors for autonomous data analysis. 
  • Potential Impact: Accelerated categorization of motion for enhanced applications. 

Real-time Monitoring in Diabetes Management: Bill Munger’s Perspective 

Wireless Technology Revolutionizing Diabetes Care 

When discussing trends in the wireless spectrum of wearable health tech, we took a moment to acknowledge how these devices can truly be a lifechanging solution for people struggling with different conditions. For example, the dynamic changes in wearable tech have made diabetes care a different reality for many.  

Wearable tech allows for real-time monitoring through non-invasive devices like insulin pins and continuous glucose monitors. These devices are poised to redefine how we monitor and manage health conditions, particularly in diabetes care, and becoming a key growth area with an emphasis on the importance of secure wireless systems in transmitting real-time health data. 

  • Game-Changing Advancements: Connected devices transforming real-time health monitoring. 
  • Growth Prediction: Non-invasive health monitors as a pivotal future trend. 
  • Security Imperative: Ensuring robust wireless systems for secure health data transmission. 

Extended Battery Life and Custom Battery Packs: Isaac Dost’s Expertise 

Challenges and Trends in Battery Technology 

The never-ending pursuit for extended battery life has its own trends in the world of wearables. One trend that has been apparent lately is the ditching of displays due to the high amount of power they require. This, however, introduces new challenges at all levels, from concept to the final product.  

Designers in the wearable realm are now exploring the move towards custom battery packs, balancing the need for longer life with the demand for smaller, feature-rich devices. In addition, the exploration of energy harvesting is opening new frontiers all around, aiming to eliminate traditional batteries and power wearables using ambient energy which could completely revolutionize the future of these devices if reliably achieved.  

The pursuit of extended battery life and the innovative power solutions being introduced for this goal reflect the commitment to a future where feature-rich wearables become more and more a device for practical everyday use. 

  • Recurrent Challenge: Balancing longer battery life with the demand for smaller devices. 
  • Innovation Path: Custom battery packs and exploration of energy harvesting. 
  • Future Tech Frontier: Eliminating conventional batteries, relying on ambient energy. 

The wearable health and wellness tech sector is probably one of the most exciting places to be innovating in right now. From the integration of new technologies that make everyday gadgets more appealing, to the creation of lifesaving (or at least lifechanging) devices, the wearables of tomorrow are set to redefine how we interact with technology on a personal level.  

Before we move on to our third article in the series: Unveiling Trends in Non-Traditional Wearables – Exploring the Future of Tech Wear, Smart Rings, and More, do you have any wearable health and wellness technology projects you’d like to take to the next level?    

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