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Learn all things sensors and wireless connectivity in this exciting how-to video series led by our very own tech-savvy engineer!

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About TechVentures

Dive into the latest, greatest sensor and wireless connectivity platforms, features and capabilities with this engaging video series hosted by our very own Technical Marketing Engineer.

You will learn about various sensors from our supplier partners as well as our own platforms developed by Future Electronics Advanced Engineers.

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Meet the host

Lazina Rahman

Technical Marketing Engineer, Future Connectivity Solutions Division, Future Electronics

Lazina joined Future Electronics in 2015 with a background in Electrical Engineering. In her role, she has remained at the forefront of technology advancements and wireless communication integrations.

With the extensive range of solutions available in the world of electronic component distribution and the constant changes in technology, it can be quite the adventure in choosing the right part for your IoT designs. This is how TechVentures was born!

Through the video series, Lazina applies a hands-on approach to navigating IoT evaluation boards and solutions that Future Electronics offers through its extensive line card of industry leaders.

She hopes to make the on-boarding process and component selection for design engineers a little smoother.
TechVentures with Lazina