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Embedded World 2022: NXP IW612, the World’s First True Tri-Radio Wireless SoC Device

In this TechVentures video, Future Electronics’ Technical Marketing Engineer Lazina Rahman visited the NXP booth at Embedded World 2022 to explore an industry-first solution by NXP.

Lazina checked in with Max Palumbo, Product Marketing Specialist for NXP Semiconductors, to walk us through the full capabilities of the newly-launched IW612, an industry-first tri-radio SoC to run Wi-Fi 6, BLE 5.2 Audio and 802.15.4 Thread concurrently.

The NXP IW612 brings higher throughput, better network efficiency, lower latency and improved range over previous generation Wi-Fi standards.

The device includes a full-feature Wi-Fi subsystem powered by their 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6) technology. The SoC integrates a Wi-Fi MAC and also includes baseband as well as direct-conversion radio with integrated PA, LNA and a transmit/receive switch which removes the need for an RF front-end module (FEMs). This significantly reduces costs and system complexity.

Here is the NXP IW612 internal block diagram.

IW612 internal block diagram

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