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Future Electronics’ Newest Creation: Bullseye Evaluation Board

In this TechVentures video, Future Electronics’ Technical Marketing Engineer Lazina Rahman unpacks the Bullseye Board, a new Future Electronics wireless IoT node solution made with solutions from leading industry partners: Panasonic, TE Connectivity, Renesas, MPS and Infineon.

The Bullseye was designed by Future Electronics’ System Design Center engineers and is suited for a variety of needs that may be found on smart homes, industrial IoT, medical and personal care applications. In this video, Lazina guides us through its whats, hows, and whys. 

Starting by the whats: 

The board showcases Panasonic’s embedded 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi module, the PAN9520 and is based on Espressif’s ESP32-S2 chipset, featuring a highly integrated controller that offers possibilities for stand-alone or host-controlled applications.  

In addition, the Bullseye board features: 

  • Four selectable external antennas from TE Connectivity for extended range with different use cases or performance evaluations 
  • An inductive position sensor from Renesas with a breakout actuator board 
  • A battery charger from MPS and power solutions to enable battery powered wireless IoT node designs 
  • A USB micro-B & Type C interface 
  • A mikroBUS interface 

Then, Lazina will walk us through how to use all the features of this board. We’re offered a comprehensive guide starting from the very opening of the anti-static bag to see what’s included and what’s not, to the verification processes, the hardware setup, connections, to the software control app setup and pairing with an internet browser. 

After the setup is explained, Lazina guides us through what we’ll see on screen, and learn to identify graphs and displays to use and control the board.  


The Bullseye evaluation board enables systems design engineers to quickly evaluate and integrate Wi-Fi communication and functionality into their IoT product without comprehensive knowledge of wireless hardware and software designs. 

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