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What is an Invisible Antenna? | TechVentures with Lazina at Embedded World 2023

Follow Lazina on her journey at Embedded World 2023 where she learns about the Taoglas Invisible Antenna™ with Zara Healy

Welcome to another episode of TechVentures! We invite you to watch this featured episode where Lazina continued her journey by attending Embedded World 2023.

Lazina spoke with Zara Healy, EMEA Sales Manager at Taoglas about the Taoglas Invisible Antenna.™

Taoglas’ new transparent flex antennas offer a clear alternative to opaque antennas for covert cellular, Wi-Fi, and GNSS connectivity in innovative IoT applications such as EV chargers, parking meters, smart buildings, and transportation vehicles.

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Hi everyone, this is Lazina from Techventures. Today, I’m right outside the Taoglas booth at Embedded world 2023.

I heard some whispers about an invisible antenna let’s go find out what that means!

Lazina (L): Zara, I was passing by the Taoglas booth, and something caught my eye. What is an invisible antenna?

Zara (Z): So, this is a new antenna that we launched at Taoglas, it’s our first to market invisible antenna.

L: Not transparent?

Z: Not transparent!

L: Invisible?

Z: Invisible! So, it’s made from a carbon nanotube material, which is what makes it transparent. So, it’s a simple peel and stick method, so it’s a sticker antenna. It can be used on glass and plastic, and it covers wi-fi, cellular and GNSS.

L: That’s amazing! So, it really expands the opportunities for new IoT applications?

Z: Absolutely!

L: That’s groundbreaking!

Z: So, the applications we have in mind include digital signage, transportation, smart building, smart metering, EV charging, the options of where this can be used is really unlimited.

L: Now I see there are three sizes on display, are we limited to these three only, or can we adapt, are you flexible?

Z: The design is fully customizable for our customers, they can purchase it as standard as what we have, and they come with factory connectors, or we can work with customers on making a custom design.

L: That’s so cool! How would I be able to evaluate if the invisible antenna would work with my product or not?

Z: Depending on the customer’s RF experience, they can buy samples and begin evaluating in their product or they can work with our in-house engineering team, and we can help evaluate within their device. we have our testing labs globally available.

L: thank you so much Zara!

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