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cloud connectivity for embedded systems

Discover Future Connectivity Solutions' system designs to get you to the cloud in no time

Season 1: Episode 8

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Bare Conductive

Simplify Cloud Connectivity for Embedded Systems

In this episode of The Current, Todd Baker speaks to Mark Calhoun, Future Electronics Connectivity Specialist, about tools that are available to embedded engineers to make cloud connectivity simpler than it can often be.

Together, they walk through some of the system designs Future Connectivity Solutions has created to make embedded cloud design more efficient with faster time to market for customers.

Cloud Connectivity Solutions by Future Electronics

Through Future Electronics, you can leverage a Microchip IoT board with a u-blox SARA-R4 click board in combination with a wealth of extra features to offer the fastest path to the next new innovative wireless project. Not only that, Future Connectivity Solutions is by your side to provide modular solutions, software and complementary services to get the job done.

What is Printed Conductive Technology?

Printed Conductive Technology is a term coined by the recent rapid development of electronic devices that incorporate printed electronics into the designs. More and more materials have quickly become “circuit boards” equipped with components for electronic circuits.

How do printed electronics work?

The process of printed electronics is based on a method of combining certain materials to form a new way to manufacture electronics. By applying a solution-based conductive material using printing equipment, electrical devices can be created in applications such as inkjet printing, screen print, lithography and more.

Applications and Benefits of Printed Conductive Technology


  • Integrated interfaces and switches in smart surfaces
  • Sensors such as occupancy and water
  • Wearables
  • Interactive walls
  • Active clothing


  • Cost-saving
  • Faster printing techniques
  • Simpler production and ease of use

Challenges of Printed Electronics

  • Printing patterns
  • Hardware integration
  • Software development
  • Requirements for leveraging manufacturing processes and materials

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