Market Conditions Report: Q2 - 2018 


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The following information has been gathered from multiple sources and qualified by Future Electronics Product Marketing. The information is intended to provide guidance only and should be treated accordingly.

Future Electronics offers world-class supply chain programs to mitigate market supply and demand volatility. Contact your Account Manager to discuss our solutions in more detail.

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Sensorsams 12-38IncreasingVaries by product:
Increasing lead-time on: CMOSIS image sensors: 22-38 wks (CMVxxx); Position, Temperature: 30+ wks; Smart Lighting (AS72xx) 20+ wks, TAOS products (TSL, TMD, TCS) 20+ wks and Cambridge CMOS (CCS801, CCS811) 16+ wks
Bosch14StableFactory lead time TO BUILD product (Bosch Germany) is 12 wks + 2 weeks transit time to North America
Diodes Inc8-10Stable
Infineon 16-26Increasing"*Leadtimes anticipated to increase by an average of 2-4 wks: Current, Position, Speed: 16-26 wks / 24gHz Radar: 26 wks / Pressure (DPSxxx): 14 wks"
Melexis16-30IncreasingVaries by product:
Optical sensors: 18 wks / Current and Position: 30 wks Latch & Switch: 24 wks / Pressure Sensors: 28 wks Speed & Temperature (FIR): 20 wks / Hardware& Tools: 4-6 wks
8-16IncreasingIncreasing lead-time on accelerometers to 18+ weeks. Pressure / TPMS at approximately 16+ weeks. Balance of sensors stable at 8-10 wks
ON Semiconductor 18-24Stableincludes image sensors (Aptina, Python, Trusense) and temp sensors
Panasonic 12-14StableIncludes PIR motion sensors (EKMB, EKMC series), GridEye (AMG88** series) and pressure (ADP*)
Rohm Semiconductor12-20StableVaries by product:
Kionix: Accelerometers 18-20 wks Rohm: Hall Effect & Temp 10-12 wks / ALS 12-14 wks
STMicroelectronics14-20StableMEMS sensors consistent at 16-20 wks / Temperature sensors remain stable at 14-16 wks Time of Flight sensor (Imaging division): 14 wks
TE Sensors 8-20Increasing**Increasing lead-time on certain pressure sensors** 6-8 wks on certain temp / pressure, vibration sensors / 8-10 wks on certain force, humidity, pressure, temp sensors / 10-12 wks on certain temp, position, pressure sensors / 12-14 wks on certain pressure and temp sensors.
Vishay 14-18StableDigital sensor portfolio (VCNL, VEML prefix) running between 14 - 18 wks
Mixed Signal Amplifiers and ComparatorsIntersil8-10Stable
Exar10-12StableExar was purchased by Maxlinear and has obsoleted many parts.
ON Semiconductor12-24+IncreasingSome families 30+ weeks
STMicroelectronics24+IncreasingMost families 30+ weeks
ON Semiconductor10-12StableSome families 20+ weeks
Pericom8-10StablePericom has been purchased by Diodes Inc. Currently, there are noimminent changes to pricing and lead times
Standard AnalogSTMicroelectronics30+Increasing 
Diodes Inc14-16Increasing 
ON Semiconductor30+Increasing 
InterfaceExar10-12StableExar was purchased by Maxlinear and has obsoleted many parts.
FDTI20IncreasingFTDI has improved on lead time and delivery, but certain parts are still pushed out.
Alternating Current/ Direct Currect & Direct Current / Direct Current Converters Intersil8-10Stable 
STMicroelectronics25+IncreasingMost families are seeing extended lead times
Diodes Inc8-10Stablespecific families' lead times increasing some out to 20 weeks
ON Semiconductor15+StableSome extended lead times particularly in auto grade parts
Monolithic Power Systems8-10Stable
Diodes Inc8-10Stable

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