Finding Products 


By Part

Enter the part number you are looking for into our search bar located on the top left. Click By Part# to perform a search.

By Keyword

Enter the keyword you are looking for into our search bar located on the top left. Click By Keyword to perform a search.

To better find the product you are looking for, it is preferable to use a few keywords rather than an entire product description. Narrow your search by using the filters on the right side of the search results page.

By Product Category

From our home page click into one of our main product categories listed in the column on the left. Once in your desired category, use the filters on the right to drill in further.

You can also search for a product category by typing it into the search bar.

Find a Manufacturer

Click on the Manufacturers tab located on the top of our website. Once on that page select the supplier that you are looking for. This will take you to a page within our website that is specifically dedicated to that supplier.

You can also search for a Manufacturer by typing their name into the search bar.

Type Ahead Feature

As you begin to type your keyword or manufacturer name into the search bar you will see our type ahead feature in action. A drop down box appears showing various category and supplier matches so you can quickly select the one you were looking for.

Sorting Results and Filtering Products

To sort search results:

By clicking on the drop down menu located at the top right corner of listed search results, you can sort the search results by Manufacturer Part # (Z-A), Manufacturer Part # (A-Z), New, Highest Price, Lowest Price, Highest Rating, or Most Popular (Sales) by selecting the respective options available in the menu.

You also can decide how many products to be displayed per page by using the Display drop down menu at the bottom right corner of the search results.

To filter the products:

By using the Filter By box at the right side of the web page, you can filter products by:

  • Availability
  • Category
  • Manufacturer Name
  • Key Technical Attributes
  • Package Style

Comparing Products

Use the compare feature when you are on a search results page in a particular category on the website. The compare feature is not available to compare products in different categories.

  • Check the boxes on the left hand side of the parts you wish to compare.
  • Click the Compare button situated at the top of the list of parts.
  • The next page will display the selected parts, with product attributes, in a side-by-side format.

Note: Remember that search results do not establish conclusively that a part is suitable for a particular application or is an exact equivalent for another part. You should always consult with an electrical engineer or another qualified professional before making a substitution.

Cross Reference

Future Electronics offers cross reference suggestions when you search non-franchised lines. We will supply you with a similar part designated with the Future Electronics Recommends logo. These are only suggestions, so please ensure specifications match with the product you were originally seeking.


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