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Murata as an "Innovator in Electronics", supports the infrastructure of our electronic society by developing new electronic components and technologies. They provide a broad spectrum of diverse components that utilize the unique electrical properties of ceramic materials in three major product categories. These include core products, application specific components and functional modules.


Murata is always investing R&D, in order to maintain their consistently high commitment to quality and innovation, while continuing to strategize for future development to meet the requirements of their target markets that include telecommunications, EDP and automotive.

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0402 100pF 50V ±5 % Tolerance C0G SMT Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor

Mfr Part#:GRM1555C1H...

RoHS compliant

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LQH32M Series 1210 270 uH ±5 % 65 mA 12.5 Ohm SMT Unshielded Wirewound Inductor

Mfr Part#:LQH32MN271J23L

RoHS compliant

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