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Design with PSoC 6 MCUs

PSoC 6 is Cypress’ new PSoC MCU, purpose built for the IoT, delivering industry leading ultra-low-power, flexibility and built-in security required by today’s IoT applications. It integrates a dual-core Arm® Cortex®-M architecture, analog and digital software-defined peripherals, connectivity options and hardware based security features all in one chip.

Indianapolis Technology and Innovation Event

Future Electronics invites you to attend one of the most advanced, hands on, interactive and learning technology events in the region. Meet with Technology Specialists, learn about Supply Chain and Inventory Management, learn about new technologies and products, and meet with electronic component suppliers.

Get WICED Smart with Nebula

This hands-on training workshop is designed to address the challenges in developing IoT products and equip engineers with key technical skills to develop cloud-connected products.

All in 1 LED Lighting Solutions Guide

Browse the pages for a complete overview of LED light sources, light engines & modules, power supplies & surge protection, and much more.

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