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$7.00 les frais d’enroulage sont amortis par le nombre de composants pour chaque bobine. Les mini-bobines sont des produits personnalisés et ne peuvent pas être annulés ou remboursés.

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Attributes Table
Capacitance 100000pF
Dielectric X5R
Rated Voltage 6.3V
Tolerance (%) ±10%
Case Size 0201 (0603 Metric)
Fonctionnalités et applications

Murata Electronics represents the stare-of-the-art in volume manufacturing of chip multilayer (MLCC) and leaded ceramic capacitors. Additionally, to meet today’s demanding application requirements, Murata offers one of the world’s largest varieties of specialty capacitors for high reliability, high voltage and high frequency markets including tantalum replacements (Hi-Cap ceramics).

The main multi-layered ceramic chip capacitors series manufactured by Murata is the GRM product family. Offered in a range of case sizes and tolerances, Murata also offers the GRM series in various dielectric formulations, with the most common being COG, X7R and Z5U/Y5V.

The GRM033R60J104KE19D is a multi-layered chip capacitor in a 0201 case size. The GRM033R60J104KE19D is comprised of a X5R dielectric with a capacitance of 0.10µF at a tolerance of ±10%.

Note: The “D” on the end of the part number GRM033R60J104KE19D denotes paper taping 180mm reel. Please check data sheet for alternate packaging. The GRM series is available in paper or embossed tape and reel packaging.