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SNAP Internet-Enabled 250 kbs Multi-Hop Mesh Network (1 License / Node)

Nom du fabricant: Synapse Wireless
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Application Type: Security and Licensing
Core Supported: SNAP
Fonctionnalités et applications

SNAP200-1K is an Internet-enabled, IEEE 802.15.4-based, auto-forming, multi-hop, mesh network, software solution that is designed to run efficiently on cost-effective 8-bit microprocessors. SNAP has a very small memory footprint of only 40 KB, thereby leaving more space for user applications.

The SNAP protocol can support up to 16 million nodes in a single network. Since these are full mesh networks, there is no single point of failure: any node can talk directly to any other node that is in range and any node can talk indirectly to any other node via intermediate nodes. SNAP based networks are self-forming, instant-on, and self-healing. Users can interactively develop applications using a high-level English-like language called Python. No embedded programming experience is required.


  • Multi-hop Mesh. 
  • Auto-forming. 
  • Instant-On.
  • No Coordinator. 
  • Peer-to-Peer.
  • 38.4 K bps sustained throughput.
  • SNAPpy Application Scripts (Python) .
  • Over-the-air programming.
  • Remote Procedure Call Architecture.
  • Processor Independence.
  • Sleepy Mesh -battery operation any device.
  • SNAPpy scripts are embedded.
  • Run autonomously.
  • No central coordinator.
  • No single point of failure.


  • Visual basic Lighting Controller.
  • Connects to Snap Connect Service at Strartup.
  • Broad casts to Discover wireless Device.
  • Receives asynchronus events,(RPC Call in to VB Application) Such as Lamp Fail.
  • Access Gps Location Information From Remote Nodes.
  • Requires The Standard XML-RPC.Net Library.

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1 000
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1 000
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780,00 $
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1 000+
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