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10.4" VGA (640 x 480) 450 nits LVDS Landscape LED Backlight No Touch LCD

Nom du fabricant: Tianma America
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When developing new display modules, NEC LCD Technologies strives to design LCDs that satisfy customer display wants and needs. NEC strives to develop displays that customer can enjoy anytime, anywhere.

They continue refining the image quality for their displays with further advancements to their SFT Technology - sharpening image quality for various lighting environments via further refinements to their NLT technology, and adding extra value to their LCDs through advanced VIT technology.

Moreover, NEC's Adaptive Design technology enables these advances to be applied in a wide range of LCDs used for diverse applications. NEC LCD Technologies is thus able to provide customers exactly what they need, both now and in the FUTURE.

NEC’s  NL6448BC33-70 10.4” module is composed of the amorphous silicon thin film transistor liquid crystal display panel structure with driver LSI’s for driving the TFT array and backlight unit. 

A few of NL6448BC33-70s features include 640xRGBx480 (VGA) resolution, high luminance (450 nits), wide viewing angle, low reflection (80° right, 80° left, 80° up, 60° down), and wide operating temp (-30 to 80 deg C).  Other features include contrast (600:1) and LVDS Interface.  It also boasts a long life white LED backlight.

IMPORTANT: Future Electronics is a volume distributor; product volume pricing is available on request. Contact your Account Manager.

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