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12 V 80 dB 4000 ± 500 Hz Piezo Electric Alarm with Internal Circuitry

Nom du fabricant: International Components Corporation
Emballage standard:
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Code de date: 1946
Product Specification Section
Caractéristiques techniques
Attributes Table
Type: Piezo
Sound Level: 80dB
Rated Voltage: 12V
Frequency: 4000Hz
Dimension: H  7.5mm x D  14.1mm
Méthode de montage : Through Hole
Fonctionnalités et applications

International Components Corporation (ICC) has been supplying quality electronic components for over 35 years. The ICC Intervox product line is recognized for its versatility and consists of a wide range of audible acoustic devices.

These products are suitable for computers and peripherals, electronic controls, security systems, medical instruments, communications and other high tech applications.

ICC Intervox product categories:

  • Buzzers. Intervox provides a wide array of electronic buzzers, electro-acoustic transducers, piezo electric buzzers, sirens and sounders which deliver rich, clear sound and long-life performance in the harshest of environments.

  • Speakers. Intervox’s wide range of speakers and receivers are used for multi-tones, voice and music. They are available as general-purpose speakers, durable speakers / receivers for telephone handsets as well as shielded low leakage speakers for multimedia PC and television applications.

  • Microphones. Intervox condenser microphones are ideal for multimedia, voice modems and other applications. They are available in omni-directional noise canceling and back elect types.

The BRP series was designed to meet the growing demand for surface mounting of components. These piezo electric alarms and buzzers are available with built-in circuitry as well as external drive types. While they are smaller in size, the sound pressure level (SPL) output is not at all compromised.

The continuous tone BRP1408P-12-CS is a surface mount piezo electric alarm with internal circuitry. It has a sound pressure level of 80 dB at 12 Volts of DC power and frequency of 4000 +/- 400Hz.

The BRP1408P-12-CS is ROHS compliant and is wave solderable and washable, as indicated by the "S" suffix.

Note: The "C" in part number BRP1408P-12-CS denotes internal circuitry.

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