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MIC5891 Series 15V 5MHz Typical Data Input Rate 8Bit Serial-Input Latched Driver

Nom du fabricant: Microchip
Emballage standard:
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Code de date: 2005
Product Specification Section
Caractéristiques techniques
Attributes Table
No of Outputs: Eight
Output Voltage-Max: 50V
Output Current-Max: 0.5A
Style d'emballage :  PDIP-16
Méthode de montage : Through Hole
Fonctionnalités et applications

The MIC5891 latched driver is a high-voltage, high current integrated circuit comprised of eight CMOS data latches, CMOS control circuitry for the common STROBE and OUTPUT ENABLE, and bipolar Darlington transistor drivers for each latch. Bipolar/MOS construction provides extremely low power latches with maximum interface flexibility. The MIC5891 will typically operate at 5MHz with a 5V logic supply.

The CMOS inputs are compatible with standard CMOS, PMOS, and NMOS logic levels. TTL circuits may be used with appropriate pull-up resistors to ensure a proper logic-high input.

A CMOS serial data output allows additional drivers to be cascaded when more than 8 bits are required.

The MIC5891 has open-emitter outputs with suppression diodes for protection against inductive load transients. The output transistors are capable of sourcing 500mA and will sustain at least 35V in the on-state.

Simultaneous operation of all drivers at maximum rated current requires a reduction in duty cycle due to package power limitations. Outputs may be paralleled for higher load current capability.

The MIC5891 is available in a 16-pin plastic DIP package (N) and 16-pin wide SOIC package (WM).

The MIC5891YN is a high-voltage, high-current latched driver,It comes in DIP16 pkg

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