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FSQ321 Series 25 V 95 kHz Through Hole Power Switch - DIP-8

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Nom du fabricant: onsemi
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Code de date: 2207
Product Specification Section
onsemi FSQ321 - Caractéristiques techniques
Attributes Table
Supply Current-Max: 5mA
Supply Voltage: 8V to 20V
Frequency-Max: 67kHz
Duty Cycle-Min: 0%
Operating Temp Range: -40°C to +85°C
Style d'emballage :  DIP-8
Méthode de montage : Through Hole
$Fonctionnalités et applications

The FSQ321 Valley Switching Converter generally shows lower EMI and higher power conversion efficiency than a conventional hard-switched converter with a fixed switching frequency. The FSQ-series is an integrated Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM) controller and SenseFET specifically designed for valley switching operation with minimal external components.

The PWM controller includes an integrated fixed-frequency oscillator, Under-Voltage Lockout, Leading Edge Blanking (LEB), optimized gate driver, internal soft-start, temperature-compensated precise current sources for loop compensation, and self-protection circuitry. Compared with discrete MOSFET and PWM controller solutions, the FSQ-series reduces total cost, component count, size and weight; while simultaneously increasing efficiency, productivity, and system reliability. This device provides a basic platform that is well suited for cost-effective designs of valley switching fly-back converters.


  • Optimized for Valley Switching (VSC)
  • Low EMI through Variable Frequency Control andInherent Frequency Modulation
  • High Efficiency through Minimum Voltage Switching
  • Narrow frequency Variation Range over Wide Load andInput Voltage Variation
  • Advanced Burst-Mode Operation for Low StandbyPower Consumption
  • Pulse-by-Pulse Current Limit
  • Various Protection functions: Over Load Protection(OLP), Over Voltage Protection (OVP), Abnormal Over Current Protection (AOCP), Internal ThermalShutdown (TSD)
  • Under Voltage Lock Out (UVLO) with Hysteresis
  • Internal Start-up Circuit
  • Internal High-Voltage Sense FET (650V)
  • Built-in Soft-Start (15 ms)


  • TBA

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