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Attributes Table
Interface CAN
No of Functions / Channels 1
Supply Voltage-Nom 5V to 27V
Fonctionnalités et applications

The NCV7356 Series are a physical layer device for a single wire data link capable of operating with various Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Resolution (CSMA/CR) protocols such as the Bosch Controller Area Network (CAN) version 2.0. This serial data link network is intended for use in applications where high data rate is not required and a lower data rate can achieve cost reductions in both the physical media components and in the microprocessor and/or dedicated logic devices which use the network.

The network shall be able to operate in either the normal data rate mode or a high−speed data download mode for assembly line and service data transfer operations. The high−speed mode is only intended to be operational when the bus is attached to an off−board service node. This node shall provide temporary bus electrical loads which facilitate higher speed operation. Such temporary loads should be removed when not performing download operations.

The bit rate for normal communications is typically 33 kbit/s, for high−speed transmissions like described above a typical bit rate of 83 kbit/s is recommended. The NCV7356 features undervoltage lockout, timeout for faulty blocked input signals, output blanking time in case of bus ringing and a very low sleep mode current. The device is compliant with GMW3089V2.4 General Motors Corporation specification.


  • Fully Compatible with J2411 Single Wire CAN Specification
  • 60 µA (max) Sleep Mode Current
  • Operating Voltage Range 5.0 to 27 V
  • Up to 100 kbps High−Speed Transmission Mode
  • Up to 40 kbps Bus Speed
  • Selective BUS Wake−Up
  • Logic Inputs Compatible with 3.3 V and 5 V Supply Systems
  • Control Pin for External Voltage Regulators (14 Pin Package Only)
  • Standby to Sleep Mode Timeout
  • Low RFI Due to Output Wave Shaping
  • Fully Integrated Receiver Filter
  • Bus Terminals Short−Circuit and Transient Proof
  • Loss of Ground Protection
  • Protection Against Load Dump, Jump Start
  • Thermal Overload and Short Circuit Protection
  • ESD Protection of 4.0 kV on CANH Pin (2.0 kV on Any Other Pin)
  • Undervoltage Lock Out
  • Bus Dominant Timeout Feature
  • Internally Fused Leads in SO−14 Package
  • NCV Prefix for Automotive and Other Applications Requiring Site and Control Changes
  • Pb−Free Packages are Available


  • Automotive Communication
  • Industrial Control Communication 

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