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16 Bit 64 KB SRAM 256 Color Dot Matrix Graphics LCD Controller - QFP-5-100

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Nom du fabricant: Epson Electronics America
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Style d'emballage :  QFP-5-100
Méthode de montage : Surface Mount
Fonctionnalités et applications

The S1D13503 is a dot matrix graphic LCD controller supporting resolutions up to 1024x1024. It is capable of displaying a maximum of 256 simultaneous colors out of a possible 4096 or 16 gray shades. Design flexibility allows the S1D13503 to interface to either an MC68000 family microprocessor or an 8/16-bit MPU/bus with minimum external logic. The Static RAM (SRAM) interface used for the display buffer is optimized for speed and performance, supporting up to 128K bytes.

Two power save modes, combined with operating voltages of 2.7 volts through 5.5 volts, allow for a wide range of applications while providing minimum power consumption.


  • CPU Interface:
    • Pin compatible with the S1D13502
    • 16-bit 16 MHz MC68xxx MPU interface
    • 8/16-bit MPU interface controlled by a READY (or WAIT#) signal
    • Option to use built-in index register or direct-mapping to access one of sixteen internal registers
  • Memory Interface:
    • 8/16-bit SRAM interface configurations:
    • 128K bytes using one 64Kx16 SRAMs
    • 128K bytes using two 64Kx8 SRAMs
    • 64K bytes using two 32Kx8 SRAMs
    • 40K bytes using one 8Kx8 and one 32Kx8 SRAM
    • 32K bytes using one 32Kx8 SRAM
    • 16K bytes using two 8Kx8 SRAMs
    • 8K bytes using one 8Kx8 SRAM
  • Display Modes:
    • Black-and-white display
    • 2/4 bits-per-pixel, 4/16-level gray-scale display
    • 2/4/8 bits-per-pixel, 4/16/256-level color display
  • Display Support:
    • Single-panel, single-drive passive display
    • Dual-panel, dual-drive passive display
  • Maximum number of vertical lines:
    • 1,024 lines (single-panel, single-drive display)
    • 2,048 lines (dual-panel, dual-drive display)
    • Split screen display support allowing two different images to be simultaneously displayed
    • Virtual display support (displays images larger than the panel size through the use of panning)
  • Clock Source:
  • 2-terminal crystal or external oscillator
  • Power Down Modes:
    • Low power consumption
    • Two software power-save modes
  • Package:
    • QFP5-100-S2 package (F00A)
    • QFP15-100-STD package (F01A)

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