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VOD3120AB Series Single Channel 35 V 5300 Vrms IGBT and MOSFET Driver - SMD-8

Nom du fabricant: Vishay
Emballage standard:
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Code de date: 1912
Product Specification Section
Caractéristiques techniques
Attributes Table
No of Channels: 1
Isolation Voltage-RMS: 5300V
Output Voltage-Max: 35V
Propagation Delay: 500ns
Forward Voltage: 1.37V
Average Forward Current-Max: 20mA
Power Dissipation: 295mW
Operating Temp-Max: 105°C
Storage Temperature Range: -55°C to +125°C
Style d'emballage :  SMD-8
Méthode de montage : Surface Mount
Fonctionnalités et applications

Vishay has released a new isolated IGBT/MOSFET driver which produces a high peak drive current of 2.5A with a high-efficiency, low power-drop MOSFET output stage, sufficient to directly drive high-power IGBTs with a rating up to 1,200V and 100A.

The VOD3120 is an isolated gate driver IC. On receiving a trigger signal from a microcontroller or other control device, it supplies the correct power input to the gate of a high-voltage MOSFET to switch it on fast and efficiently. The trigger signal is coupled optically, not electrically, to the gate drive input, so the high-voltage power transistor circuit is isolated from the low-voltage control circuit.

The VOD3120A is intended for use in high-voltage applications such as induction hobs and solar inverters, in which it can provide isolation for sensitive circuitry that might be damaged by high voltages in fault conditions.


  • Solar inverters
  • Motor drives
  • Uninterruptible power supplies
  • Induction hobs


  • Compatible with industrial three-phase line voltages
  • Highly efficient output drive dissipation
  • Can be triggered by embedded digital controllers
  • 0.5μs maximum propagation delay time
  • Low-power CMOS output stage
  • 5mA threshold current


The optical interface is integrated into the VOD3120A IC, which means that designers can achieve isolation in power transistor circuits without the use of an external optocoupler.

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