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Modèle ECAD:
Nom du fabricant: NXP
Emballage standard:
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Code de date: 2109
Product Specification Section
Caractéristiques techniques
Attributes Table
Data Rate: 5Mbps
No of Functions / Channels: 4
Interface Circuit Type: UART
Supply Voltage-Nom: 2.5V to 5V
Style d'emballage :  LQFP-64
Méthode de montage : Surface Mount
Fonctionnalités et applications

The SC16C654BIB64,151 is a Quad Universal Asynchronous Receiver and Transmitter (QUART) used for serial data communications. Its principal function is to convert parallel data into serial data and vice versa. The UART can handle serial data rates up to 5 Mbit/s. It comes with an Intel or Motorola interface.

The SC16C654B is pin compatible with the ST16C654 and TL16C754 and it will power-up to be functionally equivalent to the 16C454. Programming of control registers enables the added features of the SC16C654B/654DB. Some of these added features are the 64-byte receive and transmit FIFOs, automatic hardware or software flow control and infrared encoding/decoding. The selectable auto-flow control feature significantly reduces software overload and increases system efficiency while in FIFO mode by automatically
controlling serial data flow using RTS output and CTS input signals. The SC16C654B/654DB also provides DMA mode data transfers through FIFO trigger levels and the TXRDY and RXRDY signals. On-board status registers provide the user with error indications, operational status, and modem interface control. System interrupts may be tailored to meet user requirements. An internal loop-back capability allows on-board diagnostics.


  • 4 channel UART
  • 5 V, 3.3 V and 2.5 V operation
  • Industrial temperature range (-40 °C to +85 °C)
  • SC16C654B is pin and software compatible with the industry-standard ST16C454/554, ST16C654, T68C454/554, TL16C554
  • SC16C654DB is pin and software compatible with ST16C654D, and software compatible with T16C454/554, ST68C454/554, TL16C554
  • Up to 5 Mbit/s data rate at 5 V and 3.3 V and 3 Mbit/s at 2.5 V
  • 5 V tolerant inputs
  • 64-byte transmit FIFO
  • 64-byte receive FIFO with error flags
  • Automatic software (Xon/Xoff)/hardware (RTS/CTS) flow control
  • Programmable Xon/Xoff characters
  • Software selectable baud rate generator
  • Four selectable Receive and Transmit FIFO interrupt trigger levels
  • Standard modem interface or infrared (IrDA) encoder/decoder interface
  • Sleep mode
  • Standard asynchronous error and framing bits (Start, Stop, and Parity Overrun Break)
  • Transmit, Receive, Line Status, and Data Set interrupts independently controlled
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