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CUI Devices


Thursday May 23, 2019
11am - 12pm PST


From wearables to home assistants, more and more devices are being designed to "hear" their environment. The correct microphone makes this possible, with the two most common technologies used for constructing microphones being MEMS and electret condenser. MEMS microphones are the newer of the two technologies and are growing quickly in the audio market, thanks to several advantages over traditional electret condenser microphones.

During this webinar, attendees will get an in-depth look at the construction, specifications, and applications of MEMS microphones. The focus will then shift to placing MEMS microphones in arrays for signal enhancement and CUI Devices' range of MEMS microphone online resources that can assist users with the design process.


To take a deeper dive into CUI Devices' available products, selecting the right microphone technology, and configuring microphone arrays, check out these resources:



Webinar Presenter:
Bruce Rose
CUI Principal Applications Engineer

During his many years in the electronics industry working in design, sales, and marketing, Bruce Rose has focused on analog circuits and power delivery. His range of work experience includes organizing and chairing international workshops, publishing and presenting in more than 40 technical conferences and journals, and having been awarded seven patents. While he enjoys his time at work, Bruce further enjoys the time he can spend with his family hiking, biking, and canoeing as well as pursuing his passion of full scale and model aviation.