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Lattice Semiconductor


Leopard Imaging

Embedded processors, embedded memory, embedded DSPs, embedded oscillators and PLLs, along with the world’s most flexible IOs is exactly what you get when you choose an FPGA from Lattice Semiconductor.

Flex your hardware design with Lattice Semiconductor and realize the benefits of using FPGAs in combination with or in place of sequential processors. Take a look at the power, performance and time delay efficiencies realized when designing your system with an FPGA. Worried about up front engineering costs? Don’t worry, Lattice Semiconductor has the tools and IP blocks to make implementation easy.


  • Lattice Semiconductor product and application overview: Bill Pratt (Future Electronics)
  • Advantages of designing with Lattice Semiconductor FPGAs: Bill Pu (Leopard Imaging)
  • Demos
    • Live AI Demo: Pete Covert (Future Electronics)
    • Laptop Security Demo: Hussein Osman (Lattice Semiconductor)
  • Wrap-up: Bill Pratt (Future Electronics)
  • Q&A


  1. There are many applications where it makes sense to look at using an FPGA together with or in place of MCUs/processors
  2. Lattice Semiconductor is the only pure play FPGA supplier developing products for the small to mid-size FPGA market, and their products are ideal for addressing important use cases including AI, embedded vision and platform security
  3. It’s easier than ever to implement a Lattice Semiconductor FPGA in a design today thanks to user-friendly tools and support from Future Electronics



Advantages of designing with Lattice FPGAs

Thursday, May 6th, 2021
2:00 PM PDT

Bill Pratt

Bill Pratt

Regional Sales Manager at Future Electronics

With over 29 years of experience, Bill has background in ASIC/FPGA design and IP development, board and embedded system design with diverse technologies, customer design support and engineering management.



Hussein Osman

Marketing Manager for Consumer, Client Computing and AI, Lattice Semiconductor

Background in consumer devices architecture and HW, 18 years semiconductor experience covering Marketing, Applications and System Validation. Professional interest in building world class smart consumer devices with focus around on-device AI processing and computer vision.


Bill Pu

President & Co-Founder at Leopard Imaging

Leopard Imaging is a global leading embedded camera designer and manufacturer that works closely with Lattice and other semiconductor manufacturers in producing advanced camera solutions for global customers. Bill has been working in the imaging technology industry for over 25 years in both U.S. and Asia.