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Boyd — Customized Thermal Management Solutions




Boyd Customized Thermal Management Solutions

Optimize protection of your critical design spaces

For efficient and reliable thermal management and control solutions, it all starts here with Boyd's high-performance heat sink product line.

With advanced manufacturing methods, Boyd is able to fabricate optimized heat sinks to meet demanding application requirements. They provide a wide selection of parts featuring thousands of options such as custom cut and machined extrusions, high heat transfer assemblies and other industry-specific heat sinks.

About Heat Sinks

Heat transfer, absorption and dissipation is imperative when it comes to numerous designs of today and tomorrow, whether it be computers and LED designs to automotive and more. The heat sink is one of the most fundamental components in cooling electronic devices. For any heat source that cannot be properly cooled through its own conduction cooling and needs more efficient cooling than a heat spreader, a heat sink is necessary to move heat away from the source and dissipated through more optimized conduction or convection.

Heat sinks are primarily constructed with a base and fins. Other choices are copper, which is more expensive and heavier, but necessary for certain high-performing applications; and on rare exceptions, thermally-conductive metal, which is lightweight for more cost-efficient heat sinks.

Generally, engineers often class heat sinks into “natural” convection or “forced” convection. Natural convection (Passive) heat sinks maximize surface area and conduct heat without the addition of active components. Forced Convection (Active) heat sinks are designed to utilize components such as fans and blowers to force cooler air across the fins, creating turbulence and increasing the cooling performance of the heat sink.

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