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NCSU334B UV LED for Disinfection

Nichia’s NCSU334B UV LED strengthens the world specialist’s already-strong LED portfolio in a growing market of UV LED disinfection, a key part of the medical industry today.

Japan-based Nichia is expanding its offering to include the new NCSU334B LEDs, which adds on to the introduction of last year’s UV-C LED with 280nm emission.

The latest Nichia UV LED, the 280nm NCSU334B, is designed to serve the mass market demand for solid state illumination sterilization and more end lighting applications. This small and efficient light emitting diode features industry-leading absolute maximum ratings, electrical and optical characteristics such as a typical radiant flux of 70mW (350mA). The enhanced specifications and small footprint of the NCSU334B is ideal for designers, offering flexibility and a long-lasting performance compared to previous technologies.

UV LED Disinfection

Ultraviolet light technology is a hot topic in the lighting industry today, as UV light is capable of disinfecting and killing biological impurities. In particular, UV-C LEDs are said to revolutionize sterilization and disinfection, improving the safety of health facilities specifically, which is a much needed development in the current pandemic situation.

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