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Power Integrations


Power Integrations’ Reference Design Kits (RDKs) are real-world designs optimized for the most popular power conversion / supply applications. The kits are based on Power Integrations’ high performance AC – DC, LED driver, or motor driver ICs. These kits accelerate project development timelines by enabling the developer to evaluate, modify, tune, and test a existing, proven design.

The kits provide the essential materials to get started on your next power supply design. All kits include a fully functional reference board and documentation. Comprehensive documentation includes: specification, schematic, circuit description, PCB layout, Bill of Materials (BOM), performance data, waveforms, and thermal performance.


  • Fully functional reference board
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Supported by complete reference design files


  • LED lighting
  • Automotive-qualified power conversion
  • IoT / Home and Building Automation
  • Industrial & Embedded Power Supplies
  • Appliances
  • Metering
  • Motor Control (fans, blowers, HVAC, etc.)


Power Integrations – RDK-848

Application: AC Wall Outlet & Power Strip with USB Ports

42 W Dual Port Isolated Flyback Power Supply with 30 W USB PD 3.0 (USB Type-C) and 12 W (USB Type-A) ports using InnoSwitch3-Pro (INN3379C-H302) with PowiGaN™ Technology.

The solution is designed for 90 VAC to 265 VAC input voltage range, and offers robust integrated protection and reliability features. PowiGaN enables compact designs with no heat sink.

Power Integrations ICs:


Power Integrations – RDK-839

Application: Major Appliances 12 W Power Supply

12 W Power Supply for Appliances (85 VAC – 265 VAC input; 12 V, 1 A output) using TinySwitch-4 (TNY288PG).

Exceptional efficiency with <30 mW no-load consumption and > 84% average active-mode efficiency.

Power Integrations ICs:


Power Integrations – RDK-752

Application: Embedded Power Supply (Industrial Control)

15 W wide-range input (85 VAC – 277 VAC), dual output (5 V / 1.2 A and 12 V / 0.75 A) converter using InnoSwitch3-EP (INN3673C-H601) with >83% standby mode efficiency to deliver up to 49 mA from 5 V with 0.3 W input power at 230 VAC, Ecodesign Directive (ErP) compliant.

This highly integrated non-isolated flyback converter solution offers < 50 mW no-load consumption across input range.

Power Integrations ICs:


Power Integrations – RDK-659

Application: AC Outlet with USB Ports

30 W Power Supply for AC Wall Outlet with USB Ports30 W output (selectable 5.1 V / 6 A or 9.2 V / 3.3 A or 15.3 V / 2 A) rail is designed for a high power USB charging with Type-A or Type-C ports. The output utilizes INN3268C from the InnoSwitch3-CP family of ICs.

This design shows high power density and efficiency that is possible due to the high level of integration of the InnoSwitch3-CP controller providing exceptional performance.

The key design goals for this high-line input flyback converter are high power density, high efficiency, low no load consumption, and best in class thermal performance. This is intended for wall outlet USB chargers.

Power Integrations ICs:


Power Integrations – RDK-872

Application: 70 W Single-Phase Inverter Using BridgeSwitch for Fan Application

RDK-872 is a 70 W, 97% efficient, single-phase inverter for a high-voltage single-phase brushless DC (BLDC) motor application using the BridgeSwitch motor driver IC.

The single-phase BLDC motor is driven up to 0.35 ARMS phase current and an operational speed of up to 6380 RPM.

The single-phase inverter is implemented using two fully integrated BridgeSwitch (BRD1261C) devices in a small footprint surface mount package with exposed pads that enables heat dissipation through the PCB itself.

The design demonstrates the device performance, internal fault protections and system level monitoring enabled by the high level of integration of the BridgeSwitch half-bridge motor driver. It utilizes a simple control interface that incorporates the inverter control inputs, instantaneous phase current information signals and a single-wire status update communication bus. It also features an optional external supply input for externallybiased operation of the low-side bypass capacitors for low no-load input power consumption.

Power Integrations ICs:


Power Integrations – RDK-912

Application: 6.6 W Non-Isolated Buck Converter for Small Appliances using LinkSwitch-TN2

RDK-912 is a 6.6 W non-isolated buck converter for small appliances using LinkSwitch-TN2. 85 VAC – 265 VAC Input; 12 V, 550 mA output.

This highly integrated solution is optimized for lowest possible component count, with no optocoupler required for regulation. It offers > 80% efficiency at full load and <±5% load regulation.

Additional features include: 725 V maximum drain voltage and thermal overload protection with automatic recovery.

Power Integrations ICs:


Power Integrations – RDK-801

Application: LED Lighting

100 W 2-Stage Boost and Isolated Flyback 3-Way Dimmable LED Ballast using HiperPFS-4 (PFS7626C) and LYTSwitch-6 (LYT6079C) with PowiGaN™ technology.

This solution is designed for low component count, high power factor, low THD, and high efficiency at 100 VAC – 277 VAC Input; 48 V, 2080 mA Output.

Power Integrations ICs:

  • HiperPFS-4 (PFS7626C)
  • LYTSwitch-6 (LYT6079C)


Power Integrations – RDK-736

Application: Embedded Power Supply

7 W Wide-Range Input, Dual Output, Non-Isolated Flyback Converter. Dual output of 5 V at 200 mA and 12 V at 500 mA from a wide input voltage range of 85 VAC to 440 VAC. The highly integrated solution has a robust 900 V rated power MOSFET,and > 80% efficiency at full load condition.

Power Integrations ICs:


Power Integrations – RDK-747

Application: Industrial PSU

65 W charger for industrial power supply applications is designed for 90 VAC-265 VAC input; 20 V/3.25 A output using InnoSwitch3-EP (INN3679C-H606) featuring PowiGaN™ technology.

The design showcases the high power density, very low component count, and efficiency possible due to the high level of integration of the InnoSwitch3-EP controller with exceptional PowiGaN efficiency.

Power Integrations ICs:


Power Integrations – RDK-737

Application: Small Appliance / Metering

1.44 W Non-Isolated Buck Converter for 12 V, 120 mA power supply. In metering applications this is used to supply the control circuits and micro controller.

The highly integrated solution offers lowest possible component count and integrates a 900 V MOSFET and control circuitry into a single low cost IC. Regulation is achieved using a low cost resistor divider feedback network.

The switching frequency jitter feature of the LinkSwitch-TN2 family and the 66 kHz switching frequency of operation helps reduce EMI.

Power Integrations ICs:

  • LinkSwitch-TN2 900 V (LNK3294P/G)


Power Integrations – RDK-873

Application: 30 W Single-Phase Inverter using BridgeSwitch Motor Drive

RDK-873 reference design kit is a 0.22 ARMS, 30 W, up to 95% efficient compact single-phase inverter design for a high-voltage single-phase brushless DC (BLDC) motor using BridgeSwitch motor driver IC. The inverter stage is implemented using two fully integrated BridgeSwitch (BRD1260C) devices in a full-bridge inverter configuration.

The BridgeSwitch driver IC comes in a small footprint surface mount InSOP-24C package with exposed pads that enable heat sinking through PCB allowing a small form factor solution with few components.

The board incorporates a simple control interface to the external controller facilitating the inverter control inputs and the BridgeSwitch additional features including a system sensing input, instantaneous phase current output and a single wire status update communication bus. In addition, an optional input for low-side device external-bias operation is provided for low no load input power requirement.

Power Integrations ICs:


Power Integrations – RDK-648

Application: LED Street Lighting

150 W Power Factor Corrected LLC Power Supply. Reference design for a power supply for 100 VAC to 300 VAC LED street lights and other high power lighting applications. The power supply is designed with a constant current output in order to directly drive a 150 W LED panel at 46 V (nominal, 39 V min, 54 V max).

Power Integrations ICs:


Power Integrations – RDK-669

Application: Power Supply Adapter

5 W, 85-265 VAC, Constant Voltage (CV) adapter power supply using minimal external parts, including the complete elimination of the optocoupler and shunt regulator. It offers auto-restart output short-circuit, open-loop and over-temperature protection.

Power Integrations ICs:


Power Integrations – RDK-840Q

Application: Automotive (Traction inverter, On-Board Charger, Energy Management DC/DC Bus Converter, Battery Management System)

30 W 12 V, 2.5 A Power Supply for 400 V Bus with 30-550 VDC Input using the automotive-qualified InnoSwitch3.

This reference design is optimized for 400 V automotive applications, features a wide input voltage range, with > 85% efficiency.

The design is insensitive to transformer variation and offers extremely fast transient response, independent of load timing.

Power Integrations ICs:

  • Automotive-qualified InnoSwitch3 (INN3977CQ)


Power Integrations – RDK-851

Application: Motor Control for Fan Application (3-Phase, 1 A, Trapezoidal or Sinusoidal)

50 W High-Voltage Brushless DC (BLDC) Motor for Fan Application. The 3-Phase Inverter uses BridgeSwitch (BRD1260C).

This solution offers >93% efficiency requires no heat sink and is designed for 270 VDC – 365 VDC Input, 50 W Continuous Inverter Output Power, and 0.22 A Continuous Motor RMS current.

The design incorporates a complete inverter stage with a control input interface to facilitate various control schemes with the addition of a system sensing input, instantaneous phase current output signals from each BridgesSwitch device, a status communication bus output and an optional input for device external-bias operation.

Power Integrations ICs:


Power Integrations – RDK-721

Application: 2.75 W Non-Isolated Buck Converter for Home Automation Using LinkSwitch-TN2

RDK-721 is a 2.75 W non-Isolated buck converter using LinkSwitch-TN2 (LNK3207D) for Home and Building Automation. 85 VAC – 265 VAC Input; Non-isolated 5 V / 550 mA output (±7%) for WiFi and relay power.

This highly integrated solution was designed for a compact size (1” x 1” x 0.5”). It offers <40 mW no-load input power at 230 VAC, and 0 to 50 ºC ambient temperature operation range.

Optimized for low audible noise performance, the solution offers features such as: 1 kV differential line surge protection, load short-circuit protection, and over-temperature protection with hysteretic recovery.

Power Integrations ICs: