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GLASSCAPE & METALSCAPE - The New Benchmark in Capacitive Touch Technology


GLASSCAPE by RAFI sets the pace in capacitive touch technologies, greatly improving the user experience for its many applications.

The GLASSCAPE touchscreen platform was developed for the industrial environment and is manufactured entirely in Germany – by RAFI. Used in medical engineering, the food industry, mechanical engineering, and in commercial and special-purpose vehicles, GLASSCAPE benefits from supply security thanks to independent production, and industrial-level ruggedness.


Benefit from safety and ease of use in a first-class design – protected behind a closed surface. The brushed metal finish of METALSCAPE gives HMI systems a high-class appearance and makes a real statement. The patented METALSCAPE technology enables metal to be illuminated in the simplest way possible – without cut-outs.

Completely manufactured in-house by RAFI, get consistent high quality and long-term availability of RAFI glass sensors, integrated directly into the heart of their GLASSCAPE touchscreens. The closed glass surface of RAFI’s GLASSCAPE sensors prevent any penetration of dirt, liquids and other foreign matter. Industrial touchscreens are also available, adding operation with gloves, multi-touch and palm recognition and high temperature resistance.


  • Sensor-based operating elements
  • Capacitive buttons
  • Sliders and wheels
  • Protective glass - providing additional operating options.
  • Intuitive control
  • Transparent glass
  • High Media Resistant
  • Low Mounting Depth
  • Disappearing effect for interactive controls
RAFI – Touchpad and Touch Elements