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TAIYO YUDEN Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors (High dielectric type)

Taiyo Yuden High Dielectric MLCC offers a high capacitance value in a compact package. The High Dielectric MLCC reduces board space and improves power supply and power distribution network designs, offers low ESR for superior noise absorption and a monolithic structure for high reliability. The dielectric substance of ceramic capacitors with a high dielectric constant tends to deform (warp) when a voltage is applied. Therefore, when a voltage in the audible frequency range (20 Hz to 20 kHz) is applied to a ceramic capacitor, the ceramic capacitor vibrates, and that vibration is transmitted to the substrate where it is amplified and generates noise.

  • Monolithic structure provides higher reliability
  • A wide range of capacitance values available in standard case sizes
  • The use of nickel as electrode material and plating processing improve the solderability and heat resistance characteristics. It also prevents migration and raises the level of reliability.
  • Low equivalent series resistance (ESR) provides superior noise absorption characteristics
  • Communication equipment (cellular phone, wireless applications, etc.)
  • General digital circuit
  • Power supply bypass capacitors
  • Liquid crystal modules
  • Liquid crystal drive voltage lines
  • LSI, IC, converters (both for input and output)
  • Smoothing capacitors
    • DC-DC converters (for both input and output)
    • Switching power supplies (secondary side)


TAIYO YUDEN – MLCC High Dielectric Type