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WECO — Renewable Energy




WECO Renewable Energy Solutions

Green Energy, Green Future

Solar energy continues to increase in popularity and so does the use of solar panels. As a result of this increase, there’s an associated challenge involved. To supply each installation, a durable, reliable and secure connection that allows the panels to perform efficiently over its lifetime.

This is where WECO plays a fundamental role, supplying the best connectors in the market, ensuring a reliable power source to keep us illuminated, heated, and in motion by charging our electric vehicles. WECO is your first choice in tailored electrical connection solutions for industrial application worldwide.


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About WECO

WECO has supported the energy sector for decades by providing high quality reliable interconnect used at numerous transfer points and now their products have migrated to this new industry segment and are found in the gearbox controls of wind turbines, in tidal power plants, solar system inverters as well as heat pumps. WECO is focused on supporting the emerging renewable energy market.

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Key Features
  • Zero-failure-principle: Only flawless products are shipped to customers.
  • Ready for Plug & Play
  • Vibration-proof: Special versions of their connector systems with mounting flanges ensure additional security of the plug connection.
  • Designed for the most adverse conditions: UV-resistant, corrosion- and ageing-resistant, insulation-optimized, safe even in severe environmental conditions.
  • Easy and safe connection technology
  • High-quality materials guarantee a long service life without the need for maintenance
  • UL and CSA certified products


  • Tidal Power Generators
  • Connectors for tidal power applications should be corrosion resistance and provide multiple voltage connection solutions. WECO’s myriad of terminal strips, tab connectors and ceramics are equipped to meet these demanding environmental conditions and requirements.
  • Solar Energy
  • Choose WECO for a wide range of connector and power terminal solutions for power supply and controls required for converting solar energy to electricity. In their product range you will find a variety of temperature-resistant connectors that are perfect for these applications.
  • Wind Energy
  • WECO’s connector solutions provide reliability with additional safety features such as screw locks and snap fit connections for wind energy turbines and components that are subject to vibration and external environment conditions.
  • Heat Pumps
  • Heat pumps require robust and durable components that can withstand any movement, vibration and are user friendly for in field installations. Their terminal blocks and connectors meet these requirements.
  • Geothermal Energy
  • PCB terminals and connector systems from WECO operate without interference and can withstand harsh environmental conditions. These are key requirements for geothermal energy systems.

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WECO’s products are designed for demanding, and harsh environments. Their durable flame-retardant terminal blocks are ideal solutions for their connections in both power supply and signal routing applications.

With a variety of configurations, their engineered connector solutions simplify installation, maintenance and enable the flexibility customers expect today.