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While industrial and medical equipment designers have taken advantage of advanced electronics to decrease the size of their products, stacklights have failed to shrink at the same rate in recent years.

Now, however, Mallory has introduced a series of 30mm ultra-compact Stacklights which are less than half the size of competing products, at a lower cost. They are available with up to three state-of-the art LED stacks in red, yellow and green; some are also available with sound.

Designers can choose Stacklights with either a direct-mount package or with a 4-inch extension pole for better visibility.

The Stacklights with sound can produce seven different sound types, including a chime tone which is suitable for an office or laboratory environment. Benefiting from advanced design and acoustic techniques, Mallory’s Stacklights with sound are identical in size to the Stacklights without sound, so there is no size penalty for adding an indication sound.

The Mallory Stacklights are small and light enough to be mounted directly on top of a control box, which is a unique feature. They are also ideal for smaller equipment such as 3D printers and measurement equipment.

  • Opaque white lens
  • 3.9kHz sound frequency
  • IP52 and NEMA 12 ratings
  • cUL approval
  • Label printers and 3D printers
  • Scientific and laboratory equipment
  • Measurement equipment

Mallory - Stacklights


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