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Panasonic offers a line of industrial SD cards and eMMC devices, providing robust storage solutions which can handle heavy usage in many types of applications.

These storage devices are suitable for use as on-board memory for factory automation equipment that runs firmware or a data logging function. For instance, in programmable logic controllers SD cards are used for the transfer and storage of program files, quality-control data and production information. An SD card provides a convenient and removable form of storage which enables the machine operator to back-up the data to a PC for later use, or to load new programs for the controller to run.

The industrial SD cards are comprised of Panasonic’s proprietary controller and firmware, alongside high-reliability 2D Single-Level Cell (SLC) and Multi-Level Cell (MLC) NAND Flash memory provided by third-party NAND Flash suppliers. The cards feature efficient wearleveling algorithms, and robust error-correction and power-fail protection functions.

The FX series of standard-size SD cards is rated for 60,000 program/erase cycles, and is available in either speed Class 6 or Class 10, as well as UHS-I speed grades in certain capacities.

This series is available in a wide range of capacities from 512Mbytes up to 16Gbytes. The SC series of microSD cards is also rated for 60,000 program/erase cycles, providing the same reliability as the FX series but in a smaller package. The SC series cards are available in 2Gbyte, 4Gbyte and 8Gbyte capacities in speed Class 6, Class 10, and UHS-I grades.

At the other end of the storage spectrum, Panasonic also offers industrial- and automotive-grade eMMC storage products. These embedded cards are more secure than a removable medium such as an SD card, and are more resistant to vibration. They include a 153-ball BGA package with a 0.5mm pitch and program/erase cycle capability of 2,000 cycles.

The Panasonic eMMC devices are suited to the storage of program code and infrequently logged data; they are not recommended for high-frequency Writes of small data files. Panasonic’s eMMC products are AEC-Q100 qualified, providing quality and reliability assurance for use in automotive applications.


Panasonic SD Cards


Panasonic eMMC Devices


  • Static wear leveling for long operating life
  • Compatible with all file systems including FAT, exFAT and EXT
  • Wide range of capacities, from 512MB to 32GB
  • Power-fail protection
  • Operating-temperature range: -40°C to 85°C
  • Programmable logic controllers
  • Factory automation equipment
  • Industrial systems
  • Automotive
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