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TT Electronics - Optek Technology


TT Electronics has launched the versatile OPB9001, a complete reflective sensor module for industrial and medical applications.

The module integrates the OPB9000 reflective sensor alongside peripheral circuitry such as resistors, regulators and capacitors in a robust PCB assembly measuring 18mm x 12mm x 5mm.

The sensor can detect objects as far away as 50mm using standard 90% reflective material, and objects as small as 2.5mm depending on the range.

The OPB9001 can also be programmed to measure distances within its reflective range. It rejects interference from ambient light at intensity up to 25,000lux.

The OPB9001 accepts a wide supply-voltage range from 3.3V to 30V, and is supplied with built-in over-voltage protection. An integrated, industry-standard four-pin Molex connector provides for easy connections, while on-board LED indicators indicate the module’s status during power-on, output and calibration.

Factory calibrated for a 12mm distance and a white reflective surface, the OPB9001 can be re-calibrated in milliseconds with a single command to meet different requirements. An interface cable can be purchased separately to calibrate the OPB9001 using the OPB9000-KIT.

  • 30V maximum output signal
  • Integrated drive circuitry
  • 8kV ESD protection
  • Programmable output configuration and sensitivity level
  • Operating-temperature range: -40°C to 85°C
  • UL recognized
  • CE approval
  • Industrial printing and high-speed paper detection
  • Factory automation
  • Automated sewing machines
  • Automated banking machines
  • Portable medical equipment
  • Dispensing equipment
  • Medical diagnostic equipment
  • Materials handling
  • Asset tracking


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