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Hirose Electric

Hirose’s FH34SRJ series of Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) and Flexible Flat Cable (FFC) connectors provide a way for the PCB designer to gain flexibility in board layout.

The FH34SRJ connector, which is available in versions offering between four and 50 contacts, accepts FPC and FFC in both top- and bottomcontact formats. A short mounted depth of only 3.2mm is required with a 0.5mm pitch, saving board space.

Despite the FH34SRJ’s light weight of just 0.098g, the contact has a unique structure which offers high retention force. The horizontal pull-force for the six-contact version is 3.0N for the top contact and 6.0N for the bottom contact. A retention tab holds the actuator from above to ensure it is securely held when rotated.

Furthermore, the contact has a unique curved shape which supports the actuator axle. The user-friendly actuator lock is supplied in the open position, and only a two-step operation is required: inserting the FPC/FFC, followed by closing the actuator.

A firm tactile lock confirms that the connection is made. Tapers on all four inner walls of the housing opening ensure smooth FPC/FFC insertion.

The FH34SRJ has a fully enclosed, molded design, which means that the contacts are not exposed on the bottom side of the connector. This provides more potential for board patterning.

Hirose Electric — FH34SRJ: High retention force

FH34SRJ: High retention force


  • 1mm height
  • Protocol compatibility:
    - USB 3.1
    - eDP 1.3
    - MIPI D-PHY 1.1
  • 0.5A maximum rated current
  • 50V AC/DC rated voltage
  • Operating-temperature range: -55°C to 85°C • 20 mating cycles
  • Small medical devices
  • Notebook and tablet PCs
  • Smartphones
  • Portable gaming equipment
  • Portable music players