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The QuasarBrite ™ SMD-LX0707RGB-TR from Lumex is a surface-mount RGB LED chip which includes a built-in driver to simplify lighting equipment design and reduce board footprint compared to systems with a discrete driver

Just a single general-purpose I/O pin is required to manage up to 1024 SMD- LX0707RGB-TR LEDs.

A control circuit implemented with an 8-bit, 256-step PWM input allows for precise adjustment of the brightness of each of the red, green and blue light sources, enabling the user to create a full palette of colors. Offering close integration with Lumex’s Digital LED Controller product, the LED can offload color and lighting control functions from a host microcontroller.

The SMD-LX0707RGB-TR’s board footprint is 1.8mm x 1.8mm, and it is just 0.65mm high. It is supplied with a water-clear lens. It is suitable for use in various non-standard PCB formats, including hollow ring, rigid stripe and flexible stripe.

  • 120° viewing angle
  • 5V supply voltage
  • 5mA maximum drive current to each color LED
  • Peak wavelengths:
    • Red: 630nm
    • Green: 520nm
    • Blue: 470nm
  • Sample code reduces software development time
  • Architectural lighting
  • Retail lighting
  • Commercial lighting


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