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Panasonic has introduced the PAN1780, a Bluetooth® Low Energy RF module based on the Nordic Semiconductor nRF52840 controller IC, and compliant with the latest version 5.0 of the Bluetooth standard specifications.

The module is a complete system-on-chip: it includes an Arm® Cortex® -M4F processor operating at a maximum frequency of 64MHz, which is backed by 256kbytes of RAM and 1Mbyte of Flash memory. RF system designs based on the PAN1780 can easily be used in stand-alone mode, eliminating the need for an external host processor, and thus reducing system complexity and saving space and cost.

Designers can use the PAN1780 to optimize their application for either range or data- transfer rate. Using the nRF52840’s high-speed Bluetooth Low Energy 2M transceiver, it can achieve a high maximum data throughput of 2Mbits/s. In addition, the new Bluetooth Low Energy advertising extensions supported by the PAN1780 allow for much larger amounts of data to be broadcast in connectionless scenarios.

The PAN1780 is notable for high output power and high sensitivity. For the longest range, designers will configure the module to use the nRF52840’s Low Energy coded PHY at a data rate of 500kbits/s or 125kbits/s. A new channel- selection algorithm improves performance in environments subject to high interference.

Security is an important concern for designers of any system that supports wireless connectivity. In the PAN1780, a strong foundation for security is provided by an Arm TrustZone® Cryptocell 310 security sub-system. It supports secure boot operation and provides root-of-trust capability, and enables over-the-air updating of application software.

The PAN1780 supports Type 2 Near Field Communication (NFC-A) for use in simplified pairing and in payment solutions. An external antenna is required for NFC operation.

Measuring 15.6mm x 8.7mm x 2.1mm, the PAN1780 shares the same form factor as the PAN1026A and PAN1762, enabling easy migration between parts. It provides up to 48 general-purpose I/Os, which are shared by various communications interfaces:

  • Up to four serial peripheral interfaces
  • Eight ADC channels
  • Two I2C
  • Two UART
  • Four PWM
  • One USB 2.0
  • One NFC-A
  • Typical sensitivity:
    • -95dBm at 1Mbit/s
    • -103dBm at 125kbits/s
  • 8dBm maximum output power, configurable from -20dBm in 4dB steps
  • Operating current:
    • 4.8mA in Transmit mode at 0dBm
    • 4.6mA in Receive mode
  • 1.5μA stand-by current
  • Operating-voltage range: 1.7V to 5.5V
  • Built-in temperature sensor
  • Temperature range: -40°C to 85°C
  • FCC, IC and CE approvals pending
  • Battery-powered devices
  • IoT devices
  • Industrial equipment
  • Consumer devices


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