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Inventronics EBS-080SxxxBT2 Series LED Drivers

DALI-2 D4i-certified and including NFC programming capability

Inventronics’ new EBS-080SxxxBT2 is a series of IP20, 80W-rated LED drivers which offers a streamlined configuration and production process for luminaire manufacturers.

These drivers in a Zhaga-compatible form factor are suitable for Class I and Class II outdoor luminaires, including compact and slim European street luminaires. The EBS-080SxxxBT2 drivers may also be built into indoor luminaires, or mounted outside a luminaire enclosure.

Inventronics’ new EBS-080SxxxBT2 LED drivers feature convenient push terminals which provide simpler installation, and wireless programming via an NFC RF link that allows luminaires to be programmed safely and conveniently in the factory. The LED drivers are also equipped with a power monitoring capability so that users can measure the energy consumption of their lighting system.

Certified for use in multi-fixture systems controlled by a DALI-2 D4i interface, these Inventronics LED drivers enable OEMs to implement plug-and-play lighting controls. The driver’s DALI-2 D4i interface can also simplify intra-luminaire communication. An integrated 16V bus power supply provides power to the DALI interface, which gives the user access to driver health and diagnostic data as well as to lighting controls.

There are three products in the series:

  • EBS-080S070BT2 with a default output current of 530mA
  • EBS-080S105BT2 with a Safety Extra-Low Voltage (SELV) default output current of 700mA
  • EBS-080S150BT2 with a Safety Extra-Low Voltage (SELV) default output current of 1,050mA

Output current and minimum dimming levels can be programmed using the Inventronics PRG-NFC-D desktop programmer, PRG-NFC-H handheld programmer or any Zhaga Book 24-compatible programmer.

Inventronics also supplies the EBS-040SxxxBT2 series of DALI-2 D4i-certified drivers, which has a 40W power rating.


  • Up to 92.5% efficiency
  • 0.98 power factor
  • 80W maximum output power
  • Input-voltage ranges:
    • 176V-305V AC
    • 171V-275V DC
  • Protection functions:
    • Over-voltage and over-temperature for both driver and external LED array
    • Short-circuit detection
    • End-of-life indicator
  • 100,000 hour lifetime at 80% load
  • 10kV common-mode surge protection
  • ENEC, CE, CB, CCC and KS approvals


  • Streetlights
  • Exterior lighting
  • Interior lighting