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Sports Lighting Solutions Change the Game

LUXEON LEDs usher in a bold new era in sports lighting

To satisfy the unique demands associated with illuminating sports venues, Lumileds offers transformative Sports Lighting Solutions. Available as application-optimized LEDs or using Lumileds Matrix Platform, these innovative lighting products enable consistent performance and adhere to precise optical and electrical specifications—attributes essential for sports lighting fixtures.

LUXEON LEDs are optimized for sports venues large and small. Recognizing the need for effective and efficient stadium and arena lighting, Lumileds created its category-defining Sports Lighting Solutions. Working closely with leading sports lighting manufacturers, these state-of-the-art LUXEON LEDs can be found in many of the highest-profile venues.

Products – Top picks from our Portfolio that Add the Best Value:


Lumileds – Matrix Platform Matrix Platform
Simplifying system design through integrated connectivity, controls and application specific driver topologies, enabling smaller and more elegant luminaires. Reducing system costs through a patented circuitry for CCT tuning and dim to warm electronics that pairs with single channel drivers and can achieve high definition pulse width modulation dimming down to 0.1%.


Designed for outdoor stadium lighting, LUXEON V is a Chip Scale Package-based higher light output single package LED that supports directional applications and enables smaller fixtures and optics with high-intensity beams. With the new LUXEON V2, manufacturers can design with a proven package that delivers the most usable light and unmatched performance. In addition, it is compatible with existing optical designs and easily leverages existing ecosystems—making it ideal for indoor arenas and recreational fields.


Providing industry-leading efficiency and double the flux compared to previous designs, this high power LED enables cost-effective, high-reliability fixtures for a range of outdoor lighting applications.


Lumileds – LUXEON 5050 LUXEON 5050
Setting the standard for high lumen per watt (Im/W), this advanced solution enables compact fixture design and optimal performance, plus its costeffectiveness allows manufacturers to produce energy-saving fixtures that frequently qualify for utility rebates.



What Makes Lumileds Solution Better and Different?
  • Matrix Platform, including Oberon algorithmic LED mixing technology, provides identical and predictable fixture-to-fixture system performance (system lumen output, uniformity and electrical characteristics)
  • High efficacy at high drive currents enables high flux density fixtures
  • Optimized radiation pattern and small source size enable fixtures with narrow beam angles that minimize glare, spill light and allow for the use of smaller optics. This in combination with the lowest thermal resistance in the industry support reduced heatsinking, size and weight


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