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Panasonic’s new PAN1762 series is an integrated Bluetooth® 5.0 radio module which supports operation in Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) mode or a high data-rate mode.

The PAN1762 series, which has the part number ENW89853A1KF, gives designers the flexibility to achieve either a high data rate of 2Mbits/s using the module’s high-speed PHY, or much longer range at a lower 500kbits/s or 125kbits/s data rate using the using the BLE-coded PHY.

High output power of up to 8dBm and industry-leading sensitivity of -105dBm at a data rate of 125kbits/s give a large link budget, helping developers to provide reliable and long-range operation even in challenging conditions. A new channel selection algorithm improves performance in environments which contain many other devices transmitting at 2.4GHz.

The Bluetooth 5.0 protocol also provides new BLE advertising extensions which allow for much higher amounts of data to be broadcast in connectionless scenarios, making the PAN1762 series suitable for use in beacon and mesh-networking applications. The device is ready for the implementation of the Bluetooth mesh v1.0 specification.

To provide maximum flexibility, the PAN1762 series RF module can be operated in hosted as well as stand-alone mode.

Featuring built-in Flash memory provision of 128kbytes, the PAN1762 series may be used for the user application, thereby eliminating the need for an external processor, and reducing the complexity, size and cost of the host system.

  • 15.6mm x 8.7mm x 1.9mm surface-mount package
  • 11mA Transmit current
  • 5mA Receive current
  • 18 general-purpose I/Os
  • General-purpose ADC
  • Wake-up inputs
  • Two I2C and two serial peripheral interfaces
  • UART interface
  • IoT devices
  • Wireless beacons
  • Wireless sensor networks


USB Dongle Evaluation Kit Provides Rapid Prototyping Platform for Bluetooth Wireless System Designs

The Panasonic evaluation kit for the PAN1762 series Bluetooth 5.0 radio module includes two identical USB dongles which provide a hardware platform enabling the designer to develop, run and debug code. Break-out headers provide an easy way to connect sensors and other devices.

The USB dongles provide a simple way for designers to evaluate the performance of the PAN1762 series module when operating in the intended application’s typical operating conditions. The PAN1762 series dongles can run in host mode, AT command mode or standalone operating mode.



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