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CUI’s Power Group has upgraded the majority of its external AC-DC power supplies to the new IEC 62368-1 standard for Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and Audio-Visual (AV) equipment.

Set to supersede the outgoing IEC 60950-1 and IEC 60065 standards on 20 December 2020, IEC 62368-1 will introduce fundamentally different guidelines founded on hazard-based safety engineering principles. This means that IEC 62368-1 is more important than a simple merger of the two standards, and marks an important transition for ICT and AV equipment. Similar to previous standards, IEC 62368-1 will apply not only to the end system, but also to components such as external power supplies. CUI has updated its product range to comply with these forthcoming standards. The compliant line of power supplies features maximum power ratings between 3W and 250W, as well as the latest in green power technology. The power supplies are produced in wall plug-in, multi-blade and desktop versions, all available with a variety of DC output plug options.

The models also meet the latest global efficiency standards, including the US Department of Energy Level VI and the EU’s voluntary CoC Tier 2 requirements.


  • Power-ratings range: 3W to 250W
  • IEC 62368-1 certified
  • High efficiency
  • Full suite of safety approvals
  • Configurations for global use
  • ICT equipment
  • AV equipment


Power Supplies Compliant With IEC 62368-1 Standard
Series Part Number Power Rating Input Connector Type Power-supply Type
SWI3-E 3W European Wall plug adapter
SWI3-N 3W N American Wall plug adapter
SWI6-N 6W N American Wall plug adapter
SWI12-N 12W N American Wall plug adapter
SDI18-U 18W Three-prong C14 Desktop adapter
SDI18-UD 18W Two-prong C8 Desktop adapter
SMI18 18W Interchangeable Wall plug adapter
SWI18-N 18W N American Wall plug adapter
SDI24-U 24W Three-prong C14 Desktop adapter
SDI24-UD 24W Two-prong C8 Desktop adapter
SMI24 24W Interchangeable Wall plug adapter
SWI24-N 24W N American Wall plug adapter
SDI36-U 36W Three-prong C14 Desktop adapter
SDI36-UD 36W Two-prong C8 Desktop adapter
SMI36 36W Interchangeable Wall plug adapter
SDI50-U 50W Three-prong C14 Desktop adapter
SDI50-UD 50W Two-prong C8 Desktop adapter
SDI65-U 65W Three-prong C14 Desktop adapter
SDI65-UD 65W Two-prong C8 Desktop adapter
SDI90-U 90W Three-prong C14 Desktop adapter
SDI120-U 120W Three-prong C14 Desktop adapter
SDI200-U 200W Three-prong C14 Desktop adapter
SDI250-U 250W Three-prong C14 Desktop adapter


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