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800V power MOSFET ideal as primary switch in flyback converters

ON Semiconductor has introduced the NTD360N80S3Z, an 800V SUPERFET® III MOSFET which is optimized for use as the primary switch in a flyback converter.

The N-channel NTD360N80S3Z MOSFET features low on-resistance of 300mΩ and very low gate charge of 25.3nC. This means that use of this robust and high-performance power switch results in lower switching losses and a lower case temperature, and without sacrificing EMI performance.

In addition, the provision in the NTD360N80S3Z of an internal Zener diode gives a marked increase in resistance to ESD events.

By using this 800V SUPERFET III MOSFET, power-system engineers can realize more efficient, compact, cooler and more robust designs for switching power-conversion applications.

NTD360N80S3Z Features

  • 13A maximum drain current
  • 3.8V maximum gate-source threshold voltage
  • 1.14nF input capacitance
  • 2.72µJ stored energy in output capacitance at 400V
  • 100% avalanche tested

NTD360N80S3Z Applications

  • Power adapters and chargers
  • LED lighting
  • Auxiliary power systems
  • Audio equipment
  • Industrial power supplies