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Azoteq has introduced a family of multi-functional ICs which are able to monitor multiple sensor inputs with a single chip, enabling designers of security applications to reduce board footprint and save power.

Using one ProxFusion® IC in a security controller, it is possible to detect events such as the opening of a window or door, a window breaking, movement inside a room, or tampering with a device.

A ProxFusion product such as the IQS269A provides a single sensor interface to multiple types of sensors.

For instance, the opening of a window or door may be detected by an inductive coil. A piezoelectric sensor can signal a window breaking. An on-chip temperature sensor provides temperature data, while an intruder’s movement in a room can be detected using PIR sensors.

By interfacing all of these inputs to the IQS269A, a security detection circuit can be designed without the need for a large number of analog components, reducing both bill-of-materials and assembly costs. The use of a single IC for several sensor technologies also reduces development time, saves board space and shortens time to market.

In addition, the low power consumption of the IQS269A makes it ideal for use in low-power RF/sensor modules powered by a small coin cell. The IQS269A is available in two package options: a DFN16 measuring 3mm x 3mm x 0.8mm, and a WLCSP-16 measuring 1.7mm x 1.7mm x 0.5mm.

The low-power IQS269A can run on power from a small coin cell.


  • 0.02fF capacitive-sensing resolution
  • Supply-voltage range: 1.8V to 3.6V
  • 2.9μA wake-up current in capacitive-sensing mode
  • <5.0μA operating current in capacitive- and inductive-sensing mode
  • I2C interface
  • Smart home equipment
  • Security and intruder alarm systems
  • Building automation


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