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WAGO’s 2065 series of surface-mount PCB terminal blocks features Push-in CAGE CLAMP® technology, which means that solid or tinned conductors may be terminated by pushing them into the block’s aperture. The push-in termination technology provides a reliable and repeatable alternative to wire soldering.

The 2065 terminal blocks also provide for convenient termination and removal of fine-stranded conductors with an operating tool which has the part number 2065-189.

The tool depresses the push-button to open the spring, while its funneled conductor opening securely guides the stranded conductor into the terminal block.

The compact design of the 2065 blocks, at just 2.7mm high, makes it an optimal PCB connection solution in any space-constrained application.

The 2065, which has no insulating housing, is intended for use in applications operating at a Safety Extra Low Voltage (SELV), or for connections inside enclosures in which protection against contact with high voltages is provided by the end product.

  • 9A maximum current
  • 600V maximum voltage with proper spacing
  • PUSH WIRE® version for solid conductors available with no push-button
  • Wire sizes: 18 AWG to 24 AWG
  • 4kV maximum impulse voltage
  • Automation controls
  • IIOT devices
  • Industrial sensors and gauges
  • Appliances
  • Power tools
  • LED lighting
  • Electronic detonators


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