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From laptops and smart phones to flash drives and video systems, the newest USB Type-C™ portfolio of solutions by ON Semiconductor is here to stay… And that list is growing!

With a slimmer design and easier configurability, these connectors respond to increased demands of data transfer speeds, charging and power delivery of many applications. They are not only used for primary means of charging, which is a thing of the past, but they are the emerging standard for sending data and power to hosts and devices. They are now a universal power cable solution.

  • Compact: Smaller and slimmer design is suitable for many space-constrained applications
  • One port, one cable: Reversible 24-pins and double-sided connector that eliminates the need of having individual cables for each end device
  • Super Speed: Enables fast charging with power transfers of up to 100 watts (20 volts, 5 amperes)
  • Fast Role Swap: USB-C can perform power delivery and data transfer at the same time with Fast Role Swap capability
  • Bidirectional Power: Enables the product with the power (Host or Peripheral) to provide the power
  • Alternate Modes: Supports a variety of protocols, which allows you to have adapters that can output HDMI, VGA, DisplayPort or others, from one single USB port
  • Automotive audio and infotainment systems
  • Computer and laptop printers or servers
  • Adapters for smartphones and tablets (5 – 20 W)
  • Power adapter (< 20 W)
  • Consumer applications such as USB Type-C™, game consoles, digital video recorders and TVs
  • Portable devices such as power banks, smartphones, tablets, wearables and wireless headsets
  • Medical devices such as blood glucose meters

This demo showcases the NCP12601 multi-mode PWM controller that is ideal for USB-C power adapters, printer power, and for charging applications.

WATCH: PWM Controller Optimized for USB-C PD | NCP12601

WATCH: 11 Myths About USB Type-C™

The newest version of USB-C with Power Delivery is a remarkable achievement since it can deliver power and data through the same charging cable. But this has created some common myths about the emerging technology.

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