I-PEX — CABLINE VS Family of Connectors

Interchangeable micro-coax/FPC connectors offer design flexibility

VS family connectors from I-PEX for FPC cable are compatible with micro-coaxial receptacles

The I-PEX CABLINE® VS family of micro-coaxial cable connectors, which has been the industry-standard interconnect system for VESA 16:9 display panels since 2009, can use flexible printed circuit (FPC) cables which mate to the same micro-coaxial receptacle as micro-coaxial cable connects to, providing a versatile option for use in various electronics devices.


This versatility is particularly useful for PCB module products which are intended for use in multiple devices: a connector which has a common design concept allows for the selection of either connection method. In response to growth in the number of PCB module connection methods, I-PEX supplies a common connector design with a wide range of connection method options – especially useful when developing highly versatile modules.


The I-PEX CABLINE-VS and CABLINE-VS II micro-coax interconnect and CABLINE-VSF and CABLINE-VS IIF FPC cable interconnects all have a 0.5 mm pitch and offer a common PCB footprint. This allows for either set of receptacles to be mounted without changing the PCB design.


The CABLINE-VSF and VS IIF FPC connectors use a unique shell and lock which fits over the 0.5 mm-pitch FPC cable, whether shielded or not, allowing for micro-coax and FPC assemblies to be exchanged without changing the receptacle. 


In addition, the I-PEX VS II micro-coax connector series can be mounted with ZenShield® full EMC shielding connectors compatible with each common footprint. This means that it is possible to compare general connectors and full EMC shielding connectors by creating an evaluation board with a common footprint in advance. This enables design engineers to verify the need for full EMC shielding connectors from the early stages of development.


The connectors are suitable for use in systems which implement high-speed interface technologies, including USB 3.2 Gen 1, eDP HBR 2, MIPI, and HDMI 1.3.


  • Maximum mated heights:
    • VSF series – 1.1 mm
    • VS IIF series – 1.2 mm
  • Up to 10 Gbits/s data-transfer rate
  • EMI shielding and multi-point ground design in VS IIF
  • Pin count options: 30 or 40


  • Displays
  • Car infotainment systems
  • Hinged applications
  • Servers and enterprise computing
  • Consumer products
  • Virtual and augmented reality equipment
I-PEX — CABLINE VS Family of Connectors

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