AVX — 1005392F0 Antenna

KYOCERA AVX 1005392F0 Antenna

5G, 4G and dual-band Wi-Fi FPC antenna gives optimized performance with long cables

AVX has introduced a combination 5G/4G mobile phone and dual-band Wi-Fi® network antenna in a flexible printed circuit (FPC) format.


The 1005392F0 series antenna is based on a flexible substrate for easier integration. It gives high performance and offers excellent isolation. Providing coverage across the frequency spectrum from 600 MHz to 5.8 GHz, the 1005392F0 supports all the worldwide cellular phone bands for 5G and 4G, as well as dual-band 2.4 GHz/5 GHz Wi-Fi connectivity.


The 1005392F0 is supplied with either an MHF or SMA connector, and in various cable lengths up to 600 mm: ground plane-independent, it gives good RF performance with long cables.


The antenna’s flexible material and adhesive on the back allow for easy mounting on curved surfaces.


  • 114 mm x 30 mm footprint
  • 1.6 mm high at solder connection
  • Available in a choice of cable lengths and colors
  • Up to 60% average efficiency


  • Industrial equipment
  • Consumer devices
AVX — 1005392F0 Antenna

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