Lumileds — LUXEON 3030 HE Plus & 5050 | Horticulture LEDs

Lumileds LUXEON 3030 HE Plus and 5050 Horticulture LEDs

Broad-spectrum white LEDs produce high PPF in horticultural lighting

LUXEON Horticulture LEDs available from Lumileds offer a high-efficacy, broad-spectrum white output for grow lights which are productive and economical.


The latest Lumileds product for horticultural applications is the LUXEON 3030 HE Plus Horticulture, which provides top-rated performance, including high photosynthetic photon flux (PPF), and high efficacy (PPF/W). This product in an industry-standard 3 mm x 3 mm footprint is available in CCT options ranging from 3000 K to 6500 K, and with color rendering index (CRI) values of 70, 80, or 90.


Highly reliable, these new horticulture LEDs provide robust sulfur protection to give a long and stable lifetime in warm and humid growing environments. The Lumileds Horticulture LEDs portfolio also includes the LUXEON 5050 Horticulture, a larger, multi-die device in an industry-standard 5050 surface-mount package with a small light-emitting surface.

LUXEON 3030 HE Plus Horticulture and LUXEON 5050 Horticulture: 4000 K key specifications


LUXEON 3030 HE Plus Horticulture

LUXEON 5050 Horticulture*


PPF (µmol/s)

PPF/W (µmol/J)

PPF (µmol/s)

PPF/W (µmol/J)
















*5050 Round LES 24 V


Like the 3030 part, the LUXEON 5050 Horticulture LED produces excellent PPF and PPF/W. Parts are available with CCT values between 2200 K and 5700 K, and in 70, 80 or 90 CRI. The product specifications are hot-color targeted to ensure that the LEDs are within color target at an operating temperature of 85°C.


  • Quadrant color bin structure
    • Specified to within 3 SDCM
  • Reliable package design
  • 110° viewing angle
  • Forward voltage:
    • 2.62 V minimum
    • 2.85 V maximum


  • Horticultural lighting

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