STMicroelectronics — ST25DV-I2C Dynamic Tag ICs

NFC/I2C tag ICs combine long range with high-speed data transfer

Dynamic NFC tags provide a wireless bridge between a smartphone and a host device

The STMicroelectronics ST25DV-I2C series of dynamic tag ICs have dual NFC/RFID and I2C bus interfaces, to provide for untethered interaction between an external NFC smartphone or reader, and a host device’s microcontroller or applications processor.


Compliant with the ISO 15693 communication standard, the ST25DV-I2C series supports data exchange over an extended wireless communication range at a frequency of 13.56 MHz. This capability may be used, for instance, for in-the-box programming of electronic equipment at the point of production. Fast Transfer Mode operation, enabled by a half-duplex 256-byte buffer, also enables software updates in the field via any NFC-enabled mobile device. The ST25DV-I2C dynamic tags are compatible with any existing RFID infrastructure, with no additional investment required.


The ST25DV-I2C series, which is based on the ISO 15693 standard, complies with the specifications for NFC Forum Type 5 tags. Multiple 64-bit passwords offer enhanced data-protection capabilities. Mutual authentication between the host and the reader or smartphone can be implemented by coupling the ST25DV-I2C with an STM32 microcontroller that supports the secure boot/secure firmware update (SBSFU) service.


The ST25DV-I2C is suitable for use in industrial applications, offering high write-cycle endurance of 1 million cycles at 25°C, and 40-year data retention.


The latest evolution of the ST25DV-I2C series, the ST25DV-I2C EVO, offers extra performance and flexibility to boost productivity and efficiency. The ST25DV-I2C EVO IC lets the host system access the tag’s on-chip EEPROM memory more quickly and easily via the I2C interface.


The available parts are the ST25DV04KC, providing 4 kbits of EEPROM,  the ST25DV16KC with 16 kbits, and the ST25DV64KC offering 64 kbits. The devices are available in a choice of five packages.


  • Interrupt pin configurable on multiple RF events
  • Supply-voltage range: 1.8 V to 5.5 V
  • Energy-harvesting to power external components
  • Maximum temperature:
    • 125°C for SO8N, TSSOP8
    • 105°C at the RF interface


  • Smart meters
  • IoT devices
  • Professional products
  • Consumer devices
  • Industrial equipment
  • Battery-powered products
  • Electronic shelf labels

Development Board

Board Part Numbers: ST25DV64KC-DISCO, X-NUCLEO-NFC07A1

The ST25DV64KC-DISCO demonstration kit consists of an ST25DV64KC NFC interface tag embedded on a daughtercard using a Class 3 antenna, and an STM32 processor driving a motherboard. An additional Class 6 antenna-on-flex is also available. Dedicated application software is stored in Flash memory.


The X-NUCLEO-NFC07A1 expansion board, based on an ST25DV64KC NFC interface tag, and featuring a 54 mm diameter circular antenna, can be used in combination with the STM32 NUCLEO boards, thus offering more flexibility in the development process.

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