Infineon — CY8CKIT-062S4 PSoC 62S4 Pioneer Kit

Infineon CY8CKIT-062S4 PSoC 62S4 Pioneer Kit

Dev kit for dual-core MCU features advanced touch sensing and low-power analog

The PSoC™ 62S4 Pioneer Kit from Infineon provides a full-featured platform for evaluating the sophisticated features of the dual-core PSoC 62 microcontroller, including fourth-generation CapSense™ touch sensing and a rich suite of low-power analog functions.


The kit, which has the part number CY8CKIT-062S4, is based on the CY8C6244LQI-S4D92 PSoC™ 62 MCU. This device combines a 150 MHz Arm® Cortex®-M4 core and a 100 MHz Arm Cortex-M0+ core with 256 kbytes of Flash and 128 kbytes of SRAM.


Programmable analog blocks include two 12-bit SAR ADCs. Among the low-power analog capabilities of the PSoC62 are:

  • A DAC
  • Operational amplifiers
  • Comparators

All are capable of operating in deep sleep mode. An ambient light sensor and a thermistor are connected to the PSoC 62 device on the kit to evaluate the power performance of these analog blocks. 


Programmable digital blocks include a Full-Speed USB interface, a serial memory interface, and a CAN-FD interface. The CapSense functionality can be implemented on the PSoC 62S4 Pioneer Kit with two touch-sensing buttons and a five-segment slider.


The PSoC™ 62 MCU in the kit is backed by 512 Mbits of quad SPI Flash memory in a 16-pin SOIC package for local data logging. ModusToolbox™ software provides support for application development. Code examples are available at the Infineon GitHub repository.


Security is built into the platform architecture with the provision of hardware cryptographic accelerators, and memory and peripheral protection units.


  • Kit contents:
    • PSoC™ 62S4 pioneer board
    • USB Type-A to Micro-B cable
    • Six jumper wires
    • Quick start guide


  • IoT devices
  • Wearable devices
  • Smart home products
  • Industrial IoT
  • Portable medical devices

Development Kit

Kit Part Number: CY8CKIT-062S4

Infineon — CY8CKIT-062S4 PSoC 62S4 Pioneer Kit

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